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18 Days

About Tour :

This journey covers the much sought after “Karnataka with its beautiful temples, UNESCO world heritage sites, the wildlife National park along with the beautiful beaches and churches of Goa.

Karnataka in Depth

Bangalore - Mysore - Kabini - Coorg - Chikmagalur - Hampi - Badami - Goa

  • Explore Bangalore – the silicon valley
  • Visit the historic city of Mysore.
  • Visit the summer palace of the great Tiu Sultan at Sri Rangapatnam.
  • Tour the grand Mysore Palace.
  • Visit the rich culture, ancient world heritage monuments and unique temples of Hassan, Hampi and Badami.
  • Enjoy the lively culture of Goa and of course the pristine beaches
  • Visit coffee plantation in Coorg or Chikmanglur.
Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Bangalore

Fly into Bangalore where you will be met by yourTrail Blazer Tours Representative who will assist and transfer you to the hotel.

Day 2: Bangalore- Mysore

Serving as the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore from 1399 until 1947, the city of Mysore has a rich cultural and historical centre renowned for its beautiful palaces. Arguably the most captivating of these is the opulent Mysore Palace or Amba Vilas, particularly during the annual Dasara Festival, when every day after sunset it turns incandescent with the light of nearly 100 000 bulbs. In the modern context, Mysore is considered one of India’s cleanest and most efficiently planned cities, and has earned a reputation for its high quality sandalwood and silk. After breakfast, leave for Mysore (approx. 160 kms/ 04 hours drive) with a stop enroute at Srirangapatnam


Srirangapatna alternatively known as Shrirangapattinam is a religious, cultural and historically significant town. This river island town’s name is sourced from the famous Ranganathaswamy Temple which dominates the town, and this temple resembles Hoysala and Vijayanagar architecture as it was re-strengthened and modified after its initial construction in the 9th century.

Day 3:  In Mysore

Morning enjoy a walking tour Mysore. Visit the famous Devaraj Market, It is about more than a hundred year old market which has lot to be explore in and around.

Afternoon visit the Palace and the Chamundeshwari temple.

Day 4: Mysore- Kabini

After breakfast, leave for Kabini (approx 100 kms/ 03 hours drive).  Rest of the day at leisure

Day 5: In Kabini

Morning and evening enjoy safaris [subject to availability].Following are the activities you could do while in Kabini.


Recapture the thrill of childhood adventures with all-terrain cycling – across trails with breath-taking mountain views, and acquaint yourself with the local flora. Man against machine for an unforgettable 3-hour trip.

Kayaking on the Kabini

Feel the power in your hands as you move the oar against the swirling waters of the Kabini, and guide your kayak to wherever you want to. No traffic, no signals – just 45 minutes of the river and you.

Day 6:  Kabni- Coorg

Resting in the spectacularly scenic Western Ghats, Coorg is a historically significant hill station. Coorg is one of Mother Nature’s darlings with its remarkably scenic landscape comprised of undulating hills, waterfalls, valleys, streams, forests, and endless spice farms.

After breakfast leave for Coorg (approx. 142 kms. 03 hours drive). Enroute stop at Bylekuppe [subject to permission],the second largest Tibetan settlement outside Tibet, complete with a Tibetan monastery with 7,000 monks, a Golden temple, a Tibetan village and a flea market.

Day 7: In Coorg

Day at your leisure to enjoy the different activities offered by the resort

Day 8: Coorg- Chikmagalur

The hill station of Chikmagalur is remarkable for its stunning natural scenery, extraordinary temples, and delicious coffee. Boasting bright green hills and mountains jutting into the sky at extreme angles, Chikmagalur’s terrain is one which inspires near disbelief. A wealth of waterfalls, accessed by picturesque trails through dense forests on the slopes and coffee plantations in the valleys, provide wonderful spots for refreshing dips. Several ancient and exquisitely decorated temples adorn the landscape. The area is known for its abundance of coffee plantations and delicious varietals.

After breakfast leave for Chikmagalur [Approx. 190 kms / 5 hrs]. Enroute visit the magnificent temples at Belur and Halebeedu.


It boasts a rich cultural heritage, historical significance and a variety of sacred temples. It features the Chennakeshava Temple Complex, is a 12th-century Hindu temple displaying some of the best of Hoysala architecture in the country. Other highlights include Panduranga Temple, Shankaralingeshwara Temple, and Hoysaleshwara Temple and the spectacular Jain temples in Halebidu.


Halebid’s temple complex contains the Hoysaleswara, Kedareswara and Jain temples.

Day 9: Chikmagalur- Hampi

Hampi offers the perfect heady mix of Indian charms that make it hard for visitors to leave. Here history and modernity meet: impressive ancient remnants of Vijayanagara, the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, are dotted around the congested buildings of Hampi town.

Cross the river and you will find laid-back restaurants and rooms bordered by banana plantations and paddy fields, with a view over the river and ruins. Sightseeing can take up most of your time but do not neglect to visit the Monkey Temple, a 572-stair climb, to catch the sunset.

After breakfast,leave for Hampi [Approx. 320 kms / 6-7 hrs].

Day 10: In Hampi

After breakfast, explore the UNESCO World herite site.

Hampi Ruins

Hampi, the World Heritage Centre, is the most beautiful and evocative of all the ruins of Karnataka. Capital of Vijayanagar kingdom is full of delightful surprises, viz., Kings Balance where kings were weighed against grain, gold or money which was then distributed to the poor, other attractions are Queen’s Bath with its arched corridors, projecting balconies, Lotus Mahal Vittala Temple, Virupaksha Temple, Ugra Narasimha are not to be missed. The best way to experience this World Heritage Site is to take a leisurely stroll through the eloquent ruins.

Most of the important structure and ruins are located in two areas, which are generally referred to as the Royal Centre and the Sacred Centre.  The Royal Centre contains structures that seem to have been palaces, baths, pavilions, royal stables, and temples for ceremonial use.  The sacred centre is situated on the banks of the holy Tungabhadra River. Visit Vittthala temple and Virupaksha temple.

Day 11: Hampi- Badami

The quiet village of Badami is home to a series of ancient cave temples. Between the 6th and 7th centuries Badami was the capital of the Early Chalukyas, who ruled much of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

They carved out sacred spaces into the rust-coloured cliffs above Agstya Lake, and decorated the walls of these holy caves with bold, detailed reliefs of their deities. Out of the shimmering waters below rise the steps of the Bhutanatha temple complex, a cluster of sandstone shrines devoted to this god.

After breakfast, leave for Badami [Approx. 150 kms / 3 hrs].

Day 12: In Badami

A full day tour of Badami including the temple complexes at Aihole and Pattadakkal – both known as the cradle of Indian architecture


The historic fortified complex comprised of over a hundred stone temples featuring a blend of fascinating architectural styles, Jain monuments, and ancient caves displaying unique traditional art depicting Hindu deities and legends.


Declared a world heritage site in 1987, Pattadakal represents the high point of temple architecture under the Chalukya dynasty in the 7th and 8th centuries. Earlier called Kisuvolal or Pattada Kisuvolal, that literally translates to City of Crown Rubies, Pattadakal along with Aihole and Badami provide an incredible concentration of religious monuments that reveal a beautiful fusion of north (Nagara, Indo-Aryan) and south (Dravidian) Indian architectural forms.

Day 13: Badami- Goa

Leave after breakfast for Goa [Approx. 260 kms / 5 hrs]

Day 14 to 17:  n Goa

Day at leisure to enjoy the beach and the churches.

Day 18: Goa –Departure

At an appropriate time, you will be assisted & transferred to airport to board the flight for onward journey.

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