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Sri Lanka

It is the island paradise of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is blessed with an array of scenes, blissful atmosphere and a beautiful collection of landscape to capture the hearts of its visitors. Nonetheless, the rest of the island harbours many more peaceful vistas.

With a rich history expanding over 2500 years, Sri Lanka is home to some of world’s ancient capitals including – Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy and Galle. Sri Lanka’s first Kingdom – Anuradhapura stands tall in books of history while the last kingdom Kandy – is a true attestation to Sri Lanka’s undying ability to rise from ashes.

Rich Northern essence, scenic east coast beauty, the vibrant colours of the West and the historical South are well stitched together with the heart-throbbing spirituality of the Hills. Diving into this nostalgia is all about the true meaning of what it is to be in Sri Lanka – “Come for the golden beaches – and stay for the true flavours”.

Sri Lankan food is like no other. Filled with odoriferous spices and vivacious colour, set’s the true tone for Sri Lankan cuisine. As much as we adore a mountainous plate of rice surrounded by spicy curries, mallums and papadam; Sri Lankan street food should not be left out. All in all, Sri Lankan flavours are a true depiction of a culmination of diverse food items to represent all the cultures in the island.

This island paradise is never in short of festivities.

Thai Pongal Festival in January to Christmas in December, Sri Lanka is host to some of the most reverberant festivals throughout the year. The local New Year in April, Vesak in May and EsalaPerahera in August are few picturesque momentums you will capture through your lenses when you visit Sri Lanka.

During your visit you will witness the greenery and enjoy the fresh air as you enter this paradise nation. Experience one of the highest biological endemism in the world. Rated in the top five biodiversity hotspots in the world, Sri Lanka is known for its leopards, sloth bears, sambars and Sri Lankan elephants as they capture the attention of its visitors.

Dive into the divine existence of Ayurveda and therapeutic spa. Country’s hereditary healing system, based on herbs and well-balanced diet, has been in presence for over more than 3500 years. Ayurveda well connect the dots with meditation, spa and yoga in order to produce you with the paramount path to obtain perfect mental and physical health.

In Sri Lanka, you can discover the true meaning of locality and authenticity as you take the roads down the island paradise to explore its true beauty. Sri Lanka is land like no other. Its people, culture, food and experiences will all add up to the perfect vacation you have been waiting for…



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