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Opened for tourism in 1974, after the coronation of the Fourth King, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuk, Bhutan is perhaps one of the world’s most exclusive tourist destination.

Though many countries proclaim the uniqueness of their traditions, which often are artificially preserved for tourists only but in Bhutan, tradition is real: The visitors can see it, feel it.

In a world where a thick cloak of globalization has all but smothered distinctive heritages, this self-reliant kingdom proudly stands alone. Arts, ceremonies and festivals in Bhutan are not remnants of a bygone age. Arts and crafts are practised and, ceremonies and festivals are performed because they continue to have a religious and spiritual significance. As such, they are the manifestations of a living culture.

As per Royal Government of Bhutan Tourism Policy, all tours to the country are in form of pre-planned, pre-paid guided package tours for which tariff is set by Tourism Council of Bhutan that includes services of accommodation, surface transport, guide, meals, entrances, Government royalty & taxes. Supplement price is applicable for Deluxe and luxury hotels. All tours need to be booked in advance through local Bhutanese tour operator who take care of all ground arrangement including visa. There is no restriction on number of persons travelling and even single person is welcomed.



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